""Stephen Wisdom is one in a million: a brilliant historian but also an artist, actor and superb story teller. 
He brings history alive in a unique and utterly irresistible way".
(James Holland: Historian and Director: Daily Mail Chalke Valley History festival)



Engaging and lively Television popular Historian



Hello, I'm Stephen Wisdom.


Most people know me as Abs,

a nickname from a long way back that just seemed to stick.  


The other thing I'm known for is how history has dominated my life for nearly 30 years.

I've enjoyed turning a casual interest in the past into a successful career.


I'm best known for my lively historical lecturing and entertaining popular history, delivered in my trademark engaging style, but my skills cross-over into the creative world also.

My illustration and artistic talents are also in high demand with heritage professionals, Production companies and Museums throughout the U.K.


My publishing has seen me write history,

my creativity has seen me busy in the workshop making history and my passion for the past has seen me really live history.




It's a journey I am really enjoying, and I'd love to share some of it with you in these pages.



"Thank-you for being so brilliant in World War Weird, your delivery added real fizz!" ( Wag TV)

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