What I do


Whether it be an engaging lecture to a history audience,

in a historical location with a TV crew or perfecting an exciting vintage science experiment from the lab bench, clients agree that my lively personality and engaging delivery gets the message across. 


Whilst history is my passion, I'm not completely locked into the world of dusty libraries and dry research. I'm enormously practical, making and experiencing the past wherever possible.


I work with the big names in heritage: The Imperial War Museum, English Heritage, The National Trust and the Daily Mail Chalke Valley History Festival. These clients benefit from the practical approach my research often takes.


Indeed, when I was writing for Osprey Publishing on the Arms, equipment, life and training of the Roman Gladiator, my research took me to the very streets and Arena of Pompeii where the subjects of my book had breathed and died.  


Likewise, my 2010 Imperial War Museum lectures on the retreat to Dunkirk in 1940 were improved by the experience and empathy gained on a solo practical history experiment across France and Belgium, the route of retreat, and eventual return on an original

 'Little Ship of Dunkirk'.


See my showreel below for a lively insight into my engaging informed style.





In front of the lens I've both presented and provided interview material on many documentary productions, as well as writing and co-presenting the popular history series 'Brainiac History Abuse' for Sky One.  
Worldwide I'm known for my pop' science show 'Wicked Inventions' with Discovery Channel & 'World War Weird' for UKTV in both the UK and abroad .  
My easy-going and informed nature is in high demand with HM Armed Forces also where my easy-going and informed style is in demand for after dinner speaking in many an Officer's Mess.
In addition to this, my creativity, period knowledge and detailing has not only provided me with 'on-set historical advisor' roles with big films such as Spielberg's 'Warhorse', but also as a sought-after Art Department historical designer  for numerous historical documentaries from  Stone-Age to Spaceman.



Writing and Illustration



My historical skills don't finish in front of a lens.


As a talented illustrator of children's history books, my jaunty, but authentic, pictures inspire young minds and build the same kind of excitement in the past that started my journey into history.


In addition to this, my published writing has covered subjects from Ancient Rome to the development of air combat above the fields of Flanders in World War One. 




The History Tellers


I'm part of the hugely popular live-history double act, The History Tellers.

History is really just brilliant stories, and we tell them to packed audiences who enjoy our fast-paced and funny delvery.

With just a box of hats and a prop or two, it really is the sharp end of history presenting, with no chance of another take.


Above all, we really enjoy seeing what stories fly with our public and we meet many of them at bookings up and down the UK.





Some of the subjects I'm familiar with include:


Historical Military across the centuries

    Battle and tactics

Social History

    Manned Spaceflight

Period Motorsport

    20th Century aviation

Arms and armour

    Period Uniforms and equipment

Period building techniques


   (plus a wealth of obscure historical stories from Victorian Gorillas taking over sailing ships to Chickens in the Parachute Regiment!)





Getting  down to business ! :  I'm not one to shy away from a bit of action and here is no exception.

Delivering a piece to camera as my  crew dressed me in 100 year old  Standard Diving dress.





As I say,  I dont shy away from the action, as I take a dip for the  cameras.






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